Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Wonderfullness!

FRIDAY: Work ended early for me on Friday so Chris, Sven and I could head out to Little Woodrow's! Got to work on my 'Big 50'. Only 10 more beers to go :D Mum and Nick came out to meet us as well which was nice. They need to come out more! Silly Weight Watchers :P Anyway, too much drink was had because one of the bottles I ordered was a 750mL bottle and I didn't realise... oops! 

SATURDAY: Woke up with a not so great head. Lots of water was required. In the end, El Tiempo was the only solution. Fajitas are one of the best hangover cures. Mum and Nick came out to meet me and Chris there as well. Margaritas also helped the hangover cure... or maybe just masked it. I had to work for a little bit after that to check some tanks. Aaron and Leah were already there setting up for their wedding :) She looked so pretty! Went home after that and got ready for their wedding reception. The most popular comment of the evening, "Claire... you're in a dress! You clean up nice!" Haha. Kind of fun to go from scruffy work clothes to a nice dress. The night was really awesome. Rachel and I did a lot of dancing and it was fun hanging out with Lori too. After the wedding reception we headed to Char Bar for a while and more girlie time. Really nice night. 

SUNDAY: Ummm... Sunday started with going to La Madeline with Chris for lunch and then heading to The Black Lab with Jez, Sven, Pam, Scott and Ajax. Had a few drinks before heading to the racepark to go and see Kooza! Cirque du Soleil is fun :D Lots of fantastic acts; would absolutely love to go and see another one!! Anyway, busy busy weekend, but had a fantastic time. Managed to keg my test brew to :) And now and can lie down and just watch TV for a while before and majorly busy week at work! HURRAY!!!

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