Monday, August 13, 2012

Disjointed Weekend

Due to stuff breaking at work, our weekend was divided which was a bit annoying...

THURSDAY: During the day, I went with Casey to go and watch the new Batman movie. I had free IMAX tickets! When I went to watch Prometheus, the movie died towards the end so I got free tickets to go watch another IMAX movie whenever I felt like it. YAY! MOVIE POSTER!

Anyway, nifty movie and Casey and I thoroughly enjoyed that we didn't recognize Tom Hardy until right towards the very end. I definitely preferred him in Bronson though. It was a shame that the majority of his facial expressions were covered up by the mask. I was kind of disappointed with the end though. Surely a big bomb like that would have caused a massive title wave that would have done some more damage to Gotham? No?? Fine then. I STILL LOVE MICHAEL CAINE!

After the movie, I went round to Chris' and he made a fish curry. Tasty fish curry. We made mashed potatoes to go with it instead of rice. We proceeded to drink 2 bottles of wine too... oops. The Riesling and Tempranillo from the party. And there was Bailey's. Maybe I need to lay off the booze a little bit hahaha. We watched Mrs. Brown too. I love that movie. Woke up with a minor hangover, which wasn't great, but at least I didn't have lots to do at work that day.

FRIDAY: Work work work. Cleaned the system. Chris messed it up some more. Ugh. To get rid of my frustration, I went out to Sushi King with Sven and Jez. Felt much better :) The waitress they always get is really nice in there. Then went to bed because I'm dull and I was tired.

SATURDAY: Today, I went over to Mum and Nick's because I didn't know what else to do and Mum and Nick were just as bored. We drove around for a really long time trying to determine where to go for food! Passed the Stag's Head, Richmond Arms... just didn't feel like going to any of those places. In the end, we made it all the way towards the galleria and settled on Escalante's. Had a really really nice waitress in there and nice tasty foods. After food, Chris came over because we were going to go to Miller Outdoor Theater to go and watch a production of Hamlet... but it was really hot outside and we decided to go round to Mum and Nick's for food. Lamb and mussels and tasty cheese and port. Instead of boring dinner, Nick had completely set the table and it turned into a dinner party, even if it didn't make it into the book. Chris took his pants off as soon as he got in the house because Nick wasn't wearing any either... RANDOM! They were singing the HMS Pinafore too. Good night.

SUNDAY: Had to work. :( Nothing interesting happened. Yawn!

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