Thursday, July 19, 2012


Things I have missed writing about since my birthday because I'm lazy:

I got to be part of a party on my actual birthday!! For my birthday I normally get a bit sad due to certain family members not being around that I wish could attend. To make all these nasty feelings of sad go away - throwing 300 bouncy balls down the stairs seemed like a nice logical step :D If you've never tried it, do. Awesome. And it scares the shit out of the people also attending the same party (best if you don't announce your intentions at the top of the stairs). Fun night. Pinata and dancing!

My actual birthday day involved going out for pitchers of margaritas with my parents (hurray for fun parents!!!) and going to watch the European Cup Final (I fell asleep). Copious amounts of booze resulted in me missing work on the Monday. Bad Claire. 

I'm determined to write this all out in chunks... so tomorrow will be another fill in of things I missed. But first! Update about today! I got chatted up in a bar! I'm not used to such things! Cool feelings. 

Also finished book: "Surely You're Joking Mr. Feynman"

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