Saturday, September 22, 2012


Maybe I got a tad behind on this because of all of my vacations that I've been taking and what-not. Lots of stuff has changed lately!

After getting back from Kerville, interesting stuff. The Super Happy Fun Day ended up being really super happy fun. That's enough on that. We went to a Comedy club, was pretty hilarious actually :) Very good time.

I got to try out Feast Restaurant for Houston Restaurant Weeks and it was awesome!!! I need to convince the rest of the family to head over there and give it a shot. Yum yum yum! I had beef shoulder with potatoes... amazing! I will definitely be going back.

After that, there was a trip to Playa del Carmen in Mexico! Was another really awesome trip. Had the usual mimosas at the airport nom nom nom. We went to the same Italian restaurant every night as usual because it's awesome, and we were treated EXTREMELY well. David was our waiter again, but the restaurant manager spent a lot of time looking after us and recommending different wines, letting us try free wines. Epic. Nick and I went swimming in the sea while Mum was at the bar (some toasty water in the Gulf of Mexico) and we went to quite a few other little random bars too. A lot of wine. And a lot of swimming :) Nick and I were getting up every morning to go in the pool. One morning, Mum and Nick went to get cheese and meats and bread for breakfast. And champagne! Happy happy me! Hopefully the next time we go, Steven can come with us. Anyway, some fun shopping too, got a few rings and little jewelry bits. Looking forward to going again.

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